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We offer a state of the art 40-yard pistol and rifle range. We allow rifle calibers up to a 30-06. However, if you have rifle ammo that contains steel, it will not be allowed on the range. You can ensure your ammo has no steel by using a heavy duty magnet. If the magnet sticks, you can't use it. NO SHOTGUNS ALLOWED!


We have a gunsmith! We offer services such as general cleaning, sight replacement, sighting in rifles, trigger replacement, and much more. Our gunsmith is capable of fixing just about any gun issue. We also offer re-bluing for barrels and slides. Be sure to check out the gunsmith page for more information!


Hours of Operation

Mon – Saturday 9am – 8pm
Sunday 2pm – 8pm

Range closes at 7:45 every day with the exception of 7:30 on Thursdays.

Phone: (910) 470-0092

5942 Market St. Wilmington, NC 28405



There are many accessories that can make your trip to the range a little bit easier. Do you own a range bag? We have various types of bags with a variety of price options as well. Whether you have one handgun or rifle or multiple guns the right bag can be an easy and safe way to transport and even store. Gun bags can help you store all of the things you need for the range in an organized way. Do you need a place to store extra ammo, eye and ear protection, extra magazines, or targets? We have bags to hold all of these things in various pockets or pouches. This makes your trips to the range simple and easy by having everything you need all in one place.
What is your favorite bag? How do you use bags to store your items? Feel free to share your experience.
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Did you Know that North Carolina is an open carry state? In North Carolina, residents that are legally allowed to purchase a firearm, are also allowed to open carry in areas where it is legal to do so. Read more about that here: ... See MoreSee Less

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Tips Tuesday! ~~ Gun Buying Tips ~~

Are you in the market to purchase a new firearm? There are a few key things to think about before making a decision.
1) What is the purpose for the firearm? (Home protection, target practice, concealed carry, hunting, etc)
2) Do you have a specific price range that you want to be within for your purchase?
3) Are there any specific features you must have: external safety, loaded chamber indicator, specific ammo capacity, specific caliber, etc.

These are just a few questions to think about. Now here are a few cautions. When researching online - Not everyone who posts a video or writes a comment on a discussion board knows exactly what they are talking about. The best place to get accurate information is the manufacturer's website. Also feel free to come in to the store and we can help you.

For those of you who have already purchased a firearm what was the best question/advice you received?
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